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Complexity of supply chain

The complexity of the supply chain of timber and timber products is an important factor in how easy organizations find it to comply with the Regulation.

Simple supply chains are when you are no more than a couple of steps from the forest origin.  As more processors or traders appear before the product gets to you, complexity and therefore risk of illegal timber increases proportionally.  All stages of the supply chain should be traced supported by documentary evidence.  

Supply chain mapping is essential to demonstrate clear links between the material being placed on the market and the forest origin, and you should also evaluate how robust and credible the information you receive from the supply chain

Complexity also increases when more than one species or material is used in the product.  Purchasing certified products with complete chain of custody will help to adequately mitigate the risk.

See assessment of risk figure

If you are purchasing timber and timber products from a supplier who is not directly certified but who claims their supply is, you may be able to show that it meets the requirements for legality and sustainability. See CPET for advice on broken chain of custody.

Also, see CPET Practical guide to Category B evidence - Supply Chain Information

See – Schemes and Certification

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