Havelock Europa PLC

Service, quality & Innovation

On quality, on time and on budget – and a genuine focus on delivering what our customers want. Since our beginnings in the 1970s, these qualities have made Havelock Europa PLC stand apart.

 Our aim is to deliver:

  1. outstanding performance for customers and shareholders
  2. an innovative and imaginative approach to business challenges
  3. rewarding and stimulating careers for all staff
  4. a friendly and supportive work environment, based on trus

havelock europa2We specialise in the education, retail, accommodation,havelcok europa1 corporate offices and financial services sectors and are often the only business with sufficient resources to handle a number of major projects simultaneously.

The Group’s customers are mainly large businesses, such as PFI consortia, local authorities, construction companies, financial institutions, major retailers, department stores and branded goods companies.

We also have a staging element to our business.

Please visit Havelock Europa’s website showroom which includes details of the range of products and services offered by the Group;links to the relevant websites; contact details for sales and other information.

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  • Street: Mosswaym Hillend Industrial Park
  • Postcode: KY11 9JS
  • City: Dalgety Bay
  • County: Fife
  • Country: United Kingdom