Founded in West Yorkshire, with manufacturing roots dating back to 1879; the Jay-Be brand was first launched in the 1980's and has since gained a reputation for creating innovative and desirable furniture. Over the years we have witnessed many changes to both our market and products but our core values remain the same. Reliability, Integrity and Innovation will always be at the heart of everything we do.

Jay Be image-2Our Brand
Our name is one of our most valuable assets. It is identifiable, offering a reassurance of quality and service to provide our customers with peace of mind. Not only because we offer a Guarantee with all our products but because we have a proven record of designing and manufacturing quality products that provide years of comfort and enjoyment

We believe that one of our main strengths is our passion for Innovation and engineering excellence. We continually strive to create products which are unique and inventive but also incredibly functional. See our J-Bed® which we believe embodies this philosophy more than most, or our New Royal Pocket which uses the latest Micro Pocket Spring Technology to achieve a whole new level of comfort from a folding guest bed.   Our ranges have something for every taste and budget. Comfort, quality and stylish innovation, you’ll find it all with Jay-Be.
We, like many other companies realise the importance of moving towards a more sustainableJay Be 01 environment. In recent years we have been involved in a complex and lengthy research project, working closely with Specialist Research Partners to understand the true eco-impact of the bed industry. The knowledge which we have gained from this research is proving invaluable in lowering our environmental impact.

The future
Looking towards the future, we are very excited about the possibilities. The market has changed significantly in the last few years and especially the way people are living. This is stimulating our designers more than ever and the opportunity to invent is wide open.

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  • Postcode: WF12 9QE
  • City: Dewsbury
  • County: West Yorkshire
  • Country: United Kingdom


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