Royams offers a large choice of furniture styles ranging from:-

Low chairs - High chairs - Orthopaedic chairs - Rockers - Commodes - Drop-arm studio couches - Two seater settees - Three seater settees - Manual recliners - Handle recliners - Power operated recliners - Mono and dual riser-recliners.

Since establishing the family business in 1980 Royams have recognised the need for various types of seating. As a person's size, weight and height differs so does mobility.

Royams not only offer a variety of seating sizes but have also become specialists in both design and construction of furniture, which can provide mechanical assistance. For the more able or less abled person a choice of manually operated handle assisted or power operated seating is available.

royams4Quality guaranteed - Royams have a long tradition of maintaining excellence, both in quality and craftsmanship.

Every item is made to order, wherever possible offering a variety of seat heights, seat depths and seat widths.

Royams use only the finest materials and every chair is hand finished before it is put through stringent quality control testing.

In this way Royams are confident that the chair of your choice will be enjoyed for many years to come.

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