Currencies Direct

Our partnership with the BFM means Currencies Direct can work closely with you, understanding the specific challenges the furniture industry is facing today.

Your dedicated dealer can work with you, looking at your business plans and helping you to create a strategy tailored to your foreign currency needs, and always on hand to assist you or answer any of your questions.

We are proud to deliver our customers a world-class service that’s integrated with their strategic business plans.

What we do
We’re one of the world’s leading foreign exchange providers. We’ve been helping businesses with their currency needs since 1996, and we’re pretty good at it. When you need to make international payments or receive funds in other currencies, we can make sure that you get the best possible deal and great service - no hidden charges and no fuss.

Why we’re different
The world of foreign exchange and international payments can be a complicated place and the jargon used can be baffling. When you talk to us we take the time to understand what’s important to you and your business. That way we can give you relevant guidance that really makes a difference. Our bank-beating rates and market knowledge can help you protect your profits, leaving you free to focus on driving your business forward.

Protecting your profits
Money talks, we know. So when 97% of our customers say they would recommend us, that’s not just because they think we’re fair and friendly (which we are, of course). It’s because with us, they save money.

We’ve grown fast since 1996 because we beat high street bank rates time and again – by as much as 3%. But our excellent value isn’t just about great rates and low costs. With a detailed understanding of your business and what makes it tick, our currency specialists can help you in a host of other ways too.

If rates move against you, a profitable transaction can soon turn into a loss-maker. We can help you to time your transactions when exchange rates are in your favour and share market insights to reduce your risks. That means you can spend your time thinking up new ways to grow your bottom line, not worrying about exchange rates.

More profit, less hassle - simple
We love talking about foreign exchange (we really do). We find all those dollars and dinars, and pounds and pesos fascinating… But we know most people don’t share our obsession. You probably want to remain focused on your business goals instead. That’s why we try to keep everything as simple as possible. Maybe you want to protect your profit margins, improve your cash flow or manage the risk of doing business in a new country. We’ll give you jargon-free guidance that makes a difference - great rates and no hidden costs. You can focus on moving your business forward while we sort out the foreign currency needed to make it happen.

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