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About The Customs Consultancy
Established by customs experts as an advisory specialising in duty and supply chain cost minimisation through tariff classification, duty reliefs and import valuation, The Customs Consultancy is, by common consent, one of the top-rated and fastest growing customs consultancy practices in Europe. The Customs Consultancy is an independent company that advises on every aspect of customs law and procedure on behalf of corporate and business clients.

Over a period of eighteen years,The Customs Consultancy has collectively been responsible for the recovery of in excess of €85 million representing some of the most respected names in the electronics, engineering, textile and food industries.

How The Customs Consultancy can help furniture manufacturers
Customs duties are imposed by the European Commission.  They are intended to protect and encourage European manufacturing.  As a result, rates tend to be lower for raw materials and higher for finished goods.  As an example, sheet steel has a duty rate of 0%, a car door 4.5% and a finished car 10%.

Given the wide range of commodities, parts and products, the system does not always work and sometime the duty due on a finished product is lower than its associated raw materials.  This situation applies to a number of furniture products, for example chairs, sofas, sofa beds, desks, beds and cupboards.  All of these items have a 0% duty rate.  However, other than soft woods, the materials used in the manufacture of these products are  generally liable to customs duty.  As an example, fabrics attract duty at a rate of 8%.

A duty relief exists in order to overcome these anomalies.  Under this arrangement, raw material can be imported as if it was the finished product with the associated lower duty rate.  In order to benefit from this relief, an approval is required and there is a record keeping and reporting requirement.  

The Customs Consultancy is staffed by ex-Customs Officers, with offices in the UK and The Netherlands.  They specialise in customs duty minimisation and recovery.  As part of their service, they manage duty reliefs on behalf of clients, obtain the necessary approvals and satisfy the necessary reporting requirements.  Generally, they undertake this work on a “no win no fee” basis, charging a percentage of the duty that they are able to save.

As many of our members import raw material for the manufacture of end-sue product within the EU it may be worth making contact with The Customs Consultancy in order to seek ways to reduce cost and increase profits.


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