5 Reasons to Join a Trade Association in 2019

on Friday, 22 March 2019.

There is a common misconception that Trade Associations are a thing of the past. But they may be more important now than ever.

In 2019, you might be feeling that trade associations are a thing of the past. With stuffy memberships, and benefits that are no longer necessary. But that’s where you’re wrong. Whatever industry you are part of, there is a trade association waiting for you brimming with benefits that are all available with one subscription.

It is important to get the most out of memberships and unlock all the benefits that these organisations offer, so it is important to understand exactly why businesses of all sizes join them in the first place. While the motivation for joining a trade association may vary according to the needs of the member company, here are some of the top benefits to membership in such organizations and how the most successful members are able to take advantage of all of them.


This is the most common and most obvious benefits of joining a trade association. In every industry, who you know matters, and trade associations are filled with potential contacts, clients and partners who can help your business move to the next level and become more prominent in your industry. The members of trade associations– particularly the more active members– are able to build long-term relationships and partnerships that are mutually beneficial. They provide the opportunity for member companies to come together to share ideas, strengthen ties, find new jobs and make connections that would not be possible without the association.

A Voice of the Trade

A trade association is a voice for the industry it covers, giving you a direct link to get your point raised within court hearings and the creation of legislation.  Attending these hearings and events armed with suggestions from its members ensures that the actual voice of the industry itself is heard. The BFM is part of the British Furniture Confederation which lobbies government and the EU to make sure your industry supports you. The BFM are also integral to the writing of the NLA (National Labour Agreement) which affects every manufacturer in the UK, becoming a member means that your voice will be heard when legislation is created or changed.


Membership in a trade association means immediate access to any news or developments that affect your business and the industry. Outside of the usual communication of members to each other, associations generally provide newsletters, email updates and informative resources that help its members stay on top of recent developments in the field. Our members not only receive weekly bulletins with news updates and contracting opportunities, but we also offer trade reports including pricing of raw materials, the state of trade in the industry and much more. The more you know, as they say.

Consumer Trust

In a world where retail is moving online, it is important that businesses are somehow accredited in order for consumers to trust them enough to purchase. Taking the furniture industry as an example, products tend to be an investment for a buyer, a high-price item that is expected to be high-quality and long-lasting. being an approved member and having an established trade association’s logo on all marketing materials takes away the risk factor for a consumer by building trust, and trust is priceless.


Being part of a trade Association means that undoubtedly you will have access to a number of industry discounts, as long as you know what they are and you ask for them. Take advantage of your membership and make sure you are seeking all that you can from your membership. Here at the BFM, we offer a huge number of member discounts, from discounted flat rates for legal help, to huge savings on exhibiting at the biggest UK furniture trade show, the January Furniture Show.

If you are interested in becoming part of the British Furniture Manufacturers, or if you are already a member and are worried you aren’t taking advantage of all benefits available to you - see more of our discounts and benefits here: http://bfm.org.uk/brochure.html