The Job Support Scheme (JSS) will be expanded to support businesses across the UK....

Job Support Scheme expanded to firms required to close due to Covid-19 restrictions

The Job Support Scheme (JSS) will be expanded to support businesses across the UK (including the devolved administrations) required to close their premises due to coronavirus restrictions.

  • This scheme will cover businesses that, as a result of restrictions set by one or more of the four governments in the UK, are legally required to close their premises.
  • The government will support eligible businesses by paying two thirds of each employees’ salary (or 67%), up to a maximum of £2,100 a month.
  • Under the scheme, employers will not be required to contribute towards wages but will be asked to cover NICS and pension contributions. Businesses will only be eligible to claim the grant while they are subject to restrictions and employees must be off work for a minimum of seven consecutive days.
  • The scheme will begin on 1 November and will be available for six months, with a review point in January.
  • Payments to businesses will be made in arrears, via a HMRC claims service that will be available from early December.
  • Further guidance on the scheme will be set out by HMRC in due course.

In addition, the government is planning to increase the cash grants to businesses in England shut in local lockdowns to support with fixed costs. These grants will be linked to rateable values, with up to £3,000 per month payable every two weeks, compared to the up to £1,500 every three weeks which was available previously. The devolved administrations have been given funding to for similar measures.