burningissueThe members of The British Furniture Confederation have agreed that the effect of the subsidies granted to the Energy industry for the burning of woody biomass on the price of the key raw material for our industry is so important an issue for such a broad spectrum of the industry that the Confederation should campaign for a rethink.  That is why we have launched this petition.

We have produced a report to explain the consequences of the policy for the future of the industry which can be accessed by clicking here.

There are three key aspects to be emphasised:

1. For our industry - there is an increased an unintended pressure on margins which will force companies to consider their future and the level of employment they can afford within their UK production. Jobs will be lost.

2. For the economy - prices to the consumer will rise - both for our industry's products and, of course, for power; the ROC subsidy is ultimately paid for by the consumer. Furthermore it seems bizarre to just burn our natural resource when we could add value to it by making something with it which can be sold abroad as well as at home, and

3. For the environment - burning wood, especially virgin timber, releases straight back into the atmosphere the carbon that was captured in the trees' growth. The alternative use of wood for manufacture of product keeps the carbon locked. It takes 20 years plus to grow timber and two minutes to burn it.

We have already pressed the All Party Parliamentary Furniture Group to champion the cause for us which they have agreed to do. This petition is now important to add weight to our pressure on this issue so that those in power take the time to get a proper understanding of the, hopefully unintended, consequences of this blunt instrument on our important sector of UK manufacturing.

I urge everyone in the industry to personally take the time to add their name to the petition.