BFM promoting British furniture abroad

The BFM is constantly looking for new ways to help its members, and is cementing its partnership with Furniture News magazine to increase international recognition of British furniture manufacturers and realise trading opportunities worldwide.

iafp logoFurniture News was recently appointed the UK member of the IAFP (International Alliance of Furnishing Publications), a group comprising the world’s leading furniture trade publications based on quality, circulation and advertising market share, which aims to facilitate better communication and take advantage of opportunities within international markets.

The BFM will now act as the IAFP’s principal trade authority in the UK, and will work closely with Furniture News to describe and promote UK trade through global print media and trade exhibitions.

Furniture News Editor Paul Farley says: “Every country faces challenges, some universal, some unique – and the team of managers and editors that make up the IAFP are ideally placed to absorb and share the knowledge crucial to dealing with these challenges. A furniture supplier can utilise our mutual acquaintance to ensure they put their best foot forward in a new market. A retailer can benefit from additional insight into global design trends. Every element of the industry is brought one step closer to the rest of the world through the existence of the IAFP.furiture-news-logo

“The BFM is ideally placed to develop and benefit from international opportunities, and I’m pleased to have the association beside me as I represent the UK on this board.”
bfm logoAdam Mason, Commercial Director of the BFM added: "As a leading player in the UEA (European Furniture Federation) and World Furniture Confederation, our new partnership with Furniture News further enhances BFM as the leading authority on the UK furniture industry. There will be significant benefits and opportunities for our members and we look forward to developing the reputation of the UK furniture industry around the World."

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