gbf logo - newDue to the phenomenal response from furniture retailers, furniture manufacturers, as well as consumers, the proposed Great British Furniture ‘Month’ will now continue throughout the entire Summer.

Over 120 independent retailers, along with multiples such as DFS, House of Fraser, BHS, Littlewoods Direct and Homebase will be flying the flag with Great British Furniture point of sale in their store, on websites, in advertising and in catalogues.

The campaign, co-ordinated by the BFM, has captured the minds of the industry and the public as Commercial Director, Adam Mason, confirms;

“The response and interest has been staggering and numbers are growing daily. After 4 hard years of work and investment, this is exactly where we wanted to be and exactly what we wanted to create. This isn’t a whimsical idea born out because everybody else is doing it. We were here long before 2012 and we will be here long after, promoting our manufacturers and the beauty of our industry. To receive emails from consumers asking; ‘where can I buy Great British Furniture?’ shows that we have created a brand.”

aski if it is reverse 2A full colour National advertising campaign will run throughout the Summer months showing consumers exactly what Great British Furniture is and exactly where they can buy it.

The advertising will feature product images, text on the industry and discussions will take place with retailers who themselves can further benefit from this national exposure.

Bed manufacturers, cabinet manufacturers and upholstery manufacturers are all involved in the Campaign. As the trade association that represents the entire furniture manufacturing industry, this is particularly pleasing for BFM as Mr Mason outlines;

“For too many years the industry has been quite disparate.  The Campaign has shown that real, tangible benefits and positives can come from manufacturers working together to promote a common cause.”

John Shotton, Managing Director of Cousins Furniture Stores;

“As an established family business, proud of our choice, quality and service, we’re only too glad to support something local. After all we buy products from all around the world but it is still good to buy British – for quality, workmanship and heritage, not forgetting the support for our economy.”

Stuart Chadwick of upholstery manufacturer Vale-Bridgecraft

“I am thrilled to have been a part of the Great British Furniture Campaign from the very beginning. Over the 4 years we have seen it grow and develop which is very satisfying. At Vale-Bridgecraft we have always been proud to be a British manufacturer no matter how difficult the challenges that provides. Supporting our retailers with this initiative can only be a positive for all concerned.”

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•    BFM Ltd is the Association for British Furniture Manufacturers

•    The Great British Furniture Campaign has been running since January 2008 and is designed to promote the qualities of furniture manufactured by participating companies.