Intellectual property reform – a call to action!  Government designs consultation

acid-headerThe protection of intellectual property to secure jobs and facilitate growth for UK furniture brands is a key priority for all within the furniture sector. Copying has been endemic in the furniture sector and there is now an excellent opportunity to influence IP and Designs policy reform in the current consultation.

As many will be aware, we support the aims and objectives of Anti Copying in Design (ACID) who, over the past 15 years have been the main campaigning body to address reform of the UK Designs legal framework.  There are some fundamental elements in the Designs Consultation which will have a significant impact on industry. For example, bringing design right in line with copyright with criminal sanctions for persistent infringement and parity of term for unregistered designs created after 1988.

In addition to responding the UK Designs Consultation, to help designers and manufacturers to achieve our collective objectives, please answer this short ACID questionnaire and return it to them as soon possible. Without the relevant feedback from as many people as possible we have a weaker case and there will never be better opportunity for design’s voice to resonate within Government to effect policy change. The information and statistics will accompany the ACID submission to the Government Designs Consultation and your input is key to the strength of the case.

Whilst ACID will be compiling a comprehensive submission we also urge invite individuals to respond on behalf of their own organisations. The Consultation sets out plans to:

  • improve the enforcement regime and enable people to understand more fully what rights are held by others, to help avoid disputes
  • resolve uncertainties around the scope of protection
  • simplify the laws surrounding the ownership of and qualification for design right
  • The consultation is directed to all interested parties including (but not limited to): designers, patent and trade mark attorneys, legal professionals, and users of the designs system.

Of particular interest to furniture designers will be the assessments of impact of the measures proposed in the consultation about criminal sanctions or parity of rights with copyright creators, something ACID has been keen to pursue BIS0376: Criminal Sanctions.

This is a one off chance to air your views, there has never been an opportunityn like this for IP and Designs Reform so please send your submission:
Consultation document - Reform of the UK Designs Legal Framework
Response form - Reform of UK Designs Legal Framework
and email to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..