A Resounding Success for Arthur Brett in Beijing

scaled down_1000_David_Salmon-_Managing_Director

The launch campaign of Arthur Brett and the opening of the King and Wing gallery in Beijing as part of the 'Great British Furniture Campaign' last week was a resounding success, with both the managing director of Arthur Brett; David Salmon and the British Ambassador to China; Sebastian Wood, giving great speeches.

A member of the China Academy of Art said; 'the event was successful ; the exhibits were elegant and the gifts were exquisite and pretty'.

 This is the start of Arthur Brett entering a new and exciting Phase in its history- staying true to its traditional roots whilst embracing change.... watch this space!

scaled down_1000_All-_King_and_Wing_Sebastian_Wood_David_Salmonscaled down_1000_Great_nightscaled down_1000_Sebastian_Wood-_Britains_Ambassador_to_Chinascaled down_1000_Sebastian_Wood_and_David_Salmon