NEW INITIATIVE - FOREIGN EXCHANGE – How to benefit from a new BFM partnership

currency exchange imageThe BFM is delighted to announce the launch of an exciting new partnership with TPO FOREX, a bespoke foreign exchange provider.

For many of our members, foreign exchange transactions are a routine part of their day to day business, and for many, the obvious provider of their foreign exchange needs are simply their bank. However, with growing competition in the FX marketplace, the BFM has used this opportunity to team up with TPO FOREX to provide a bespoke platform providing members with an alternative FX provider. The point of our partnership with TPO FOREX is to further extend the BFM’s membership benefits. The BFM TPO platform will afford our members competitive market rates, which are often significantly better than those offered by all leading banks.

We are encouraging all members to take advantage of this exclusive offering, and doing so could not be easier.  Accounts can be ready to trade within 48 hours. A range of trading options, online, telephone support and beyond will give our members every comfort they need.

To incentivise our members to take advantage of this offering, TPO FOREX has agreed to provide members with a discount or payment towards their BFM membership fees (on a case by case basis) if they activate an account and trade on it.  Each account will differ since each of our members foreign exchange needs will differ, but the rewards are here for all to share.

For any questions to the BFM on this offering, please contact us.