New PEFC COC standard fully aligned to EUTR

pefc-pro-3With the introduction of the European Timber Regulation (EUTR), the certification bodies have been working on their standards to make them more in tune with the information & risk assessment requirements of the EUTR - specifically in the areas of country of origin & tree species.

PEFC which works in partnership with the BFM have just announced that ‘the (revised) 2013 PEFC Chain of Custody standard is fully aligned with EUTR requirements’ and ‘uncertified companies can utilize the 2013 PEFC Chain of Custody standard to demonstrate compliance with EUTR’.

The 2013 PEFC Chain of Custody standard is expected to become available in May 2013.

PEFC also say that companies certified to the 2010 PEFC Chain of Custody standard can already meet EUTR requirements through small but smart changes.

Companies must note however that certification is not proof of legality. Under the regulation, all companies including certified ones remain solely responsible for compliance with the EUTR. 

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