UK kitchen manufactured unit prices amongst lowest in Europe

Kitchen unit valuesAccording to official production figures gathered across the European Union under a standard harmonised industrial classification, UK kitchen manufacturers produced furniture at a lower unit cost (based upon sold values and volumes) than any other country (where data was available) apart from Greece.

Although there is a 2011 survey it is still to be finalised so the figures we have taken relate to the median values calculated over the two year period 2009 and 2010.   In 2009/2010, the median unit value in the UK was €48.67 (2010/2011 €52.10) – see graph below.   There is no analysis of the materials used in manufacture – Board or Solids for example – although this will no doubt have an impact on the results.  

Similar data is available for other furniture sectors.  For more information please contact us.Kitchen unit values UK