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CRC registration requirement

by end of September 2010

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (previously known as the Carbon Reduction Commitment) is a new, mandatory, energy saving and carbon emissions reduction scheme for the UK.

If you qualify under the scheme, you must inform the Environment Agency by using the registry portal and this must not be done later than 30th September 2010.

Large qualifying users – with annual energy bills in the region of £500,000 - will have to become fully fledged participants in the scheme and that is unlikely to capture any BFM member. However, any company which has a electricity meter that measures energy usage half-hourly will also need to register through disclosing this information. There are no fees involved for the smaller users.

If an information disclosure is not made by 30th September 2010 the fine can be £500 per half hourly meter. The qualifying year is 2008.

Who qualifies?

For a guide to whether a disclosure needs to be made see Do I qualify and see the registry page :

if you have at least one electricity meter measuring electricity half hourly and 'settled' (see below for definition of 'settled' but effectively it means a company with an energy demand above 100KW) in the qualification year 2008 you are required to disclose this to the environment agency. All you need to do is provide a list of the half hourly meters for which you are responsible and the identification number of those meters

If your total half hourly metered electricity consumption during 2008 was at least 3,000MWh (Mega Watt hours), you will also need to provide a figure for the total amount of those half hourly meter supplies and consumption

If you used at least 6,000MWh of half-hourly electricity during 2008 you must register as a participant in the Scheme which involves producing Footprint and Annual Reports and holding and surrendering sufficient allowances to cover the energy use emissions included in the scheme. CRC participants pay a number of fees including an annual subscription and face very heavy fines for not registering and for following the Scheme's requirements.

How do I tell if my site has half hourly metering?

For the purpose of determining the scheme qualification, the definition of "half hourly metering" includes all meters that monitor electricity consumption on a half hourly basis. To this end, half hourly metering will include voluntary automatic meters that produce half hourly data. The definition will also include pseudo half hourly meters (irrespective of whether or not they are settled on the non-half hourly market)

Have a look at the MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number) on your energy bills. This will follow the format below:

Meter Point Administration Number

The figure in the top left is the profile type, with "00" indicating half hourly metering in use.