Delgates from 16 countires participate in Lectra's Stand out from the crowd’ seminar

Logo classic-grey-textIn November 2016, furniture manufacturers from 16 countries explored fresh perspectives set to stimulate growth and innovation during Lectra’s ‘Stand out from the crowd’ seminar. Lectra is an associate member of the BFM.

Lectra, the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using fabrics, leather, technical textiles and composite materials, brought together more than 90 furniture manufacturers and industry experts at their annual seminar dedicated to the furniture industry. Taking place at Lectra’s International Advanced Technology and Conference center in Bordeaux-Cestas, France, the event was devoted to sharing insights on innovations to get ahead of the competition.  The two-day event encouraged manufacturers of upholstered furniture to think about their activities from a different perspective. In the face of growing competition and tighter manufacturing deadlines, participants delved into consumer and design trends, as well as technologies and processes, which enable them to stand out from the crowd.

What major challenges do manufacturers face?
Presented for the first time, market research company CSIL unveiled the results of a global survey, carried out with Lectra, which probed the key challenges facing manufacturers of upholstered furniture. The majority of the manufacturers cited shorter delivery times as a fundamental challenge because it means reassessing the entire supply chain. Intensified competition and the urgent need to differentiate from the competition were also cited as major challenges, together with mastering margins and the rarity of skilled labour.

In a series of workshops, participants examined industrial best practices and shared their experiences in digitalizing: product development; the cutting room for leather and textiles; the running of processes. Optimizing these elements reduces production costs and delivers material gains while increased efficiency accelerates the roll-out of products onto the market.

About Lectra
Lectra is the world leader in integrated technology solutions (software, automated cutting equipment, and associated services) specifically designed for industries using fabrics, leather, technical textiles, and composite materials to manufacture their products. It serves major world markets: fashion and apparel, automotive, and furniture as well as a broad array of other industries. Lectra’s solutions, specific to each market, enable customers to automate and optimize product design, development, and manufacturing. With more than 1,500 employees, Lectra has developed privileged relationships with prestigious customers in more than 100 countries, contributing to their operational excellence. Lectra registered revenues of $264 million in 2015 and is listed on Euronext. For more information, please visit