BFM annual wages survey for 2016 published

wages-surveyThe 2016 Wages Survey covering 24 occupations is now available to BFM members.  The survey is conducted annually in November/December, often when budgets have been set for the coming year.

The survey shows average and median wage rates and distinguishes between time workers and those working under on Payment- By-Results Schemes.

The number of employees in the total sample was 4,823, of which 1813 worked under payment by results schemes.  52 companies responded to the survey.

The survey also looks at:

  • The percentage of companies that made a wage award in 2016 and the levels of those awards

  • Budgeted wage awards for 2017 and the intended percentage uplifts

  • Cost pressures that were influencing the ability to raise wages in 2017 and these included material price rises, the National Living Wage and the Apprentice Levy   

  • Normal hours of work

  • Holidays

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