Furniture industry classified as medium priority in Brexit negotiations

According to the Times, following an analysis of 50 sectors, the government has divided British industries into high, medium and low priority in the Brexit negotiations.  The prioritisation is said not to reflect the government’s view of the importance of sectors, just on the level of work needed to be done to assist the sectors through the Brexit process.

In the leaked document, we are told that the furniture industry is classed as a medium-priority industry, along with others like chemicals, fisheries and electronics.

High-priority industries include pharmaceuticals, car-making, textiles, clothing, aerospace and air transport.  Low-priority industries include steel, construction, oil and gas, telecoms, environmental services, water, medical and the business service sector.  According to the Times, a government spokesman said it was not their policy to comment on partially leaked documents.

Like the Nationality survey, this too will be fed into the BFC lobbying activity.