Foam chemical prices rise 6% in March - plus more data available in BFM price tracking system

The combined price of tdi and polyol flexible rose 6.1% in March over the February price with availability seemingly an on-going issue.  The price data for these chemicals plus MDI and polyol rigid may be found in the commodity section of the web site.

In addition, along with graphs, the BFM has added spreadsheets of the weekly values (Euros and GBP) for the foam chemicals going back to 2006 (2008 for the blended price).   This will allow upholstery and bed companies to accurately plot prices. The Chemical price data is updated monthly, the latest relating to 29th March 2017.

A dated example for 2012 is shown below along with the graph showing prices for Polyol Flexible in Euros per metric tonne and prices when converted to Sterling:

Click here ro see Spreadsheet Data priced in Euros

Click here for a better image of the graph in Euros & GBP


Further information on the commodity price tracking system which tracks over 200 items is available from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.