A proposal for closing the skills gap

Martin James of Didac (a training provider for the Furniture Industry in Bristol) has put a proposal forward (via the Education and Training Committee of The Furniture Makers) in regard to the new apprenticeship levy and other changes to the process.

This proposes the employment of a dedicated “Apprenticeship Training Agency” to facilitate the recruitment, employment and placement of apprentices. This would have an associated cost but would alleviate the administrative burden that may be discouraging companies from maximising the benefits to be gained by taking on apprentices. For this to work there needs to be “buy in” from the employers and providers.

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Further information
Didac Furniture Skills Proposal
Apprentice Levy Impact - Furniture Industry

The proposal, along with many other areas concerned with the new apprenticeship levy will be discussed at The Bridging the Gap conference on Thursday 18th May at The Furniture Makers Hall. Book your space as soon as possible by going here.