It is not long now until May 25th when the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) come into effect and in order to help BFM members implement the necessary measures and documentation for its employees, we have developed an initial suite of HR documents that can be adapted to company circumstances.  There is also additional general guidance on the wider aspects of GDPR.

The documents comprise:  

  • Main changes to the law brought in by GDPR
  • ICO'S - 12 steps to take now
  • Marketing, privacy, consent & web sites
  • Contractual clauses for processors to be GDPR compliant
  • Do you need to register as a Data Controller
  • Detailed guide to the GDPR as it affects HR
  • Records of processing activities
  • Lawful processing of HR data
  • HR audit form
  • Privacy notice for employees, workers and contractors
  • Policy - Data protection
  • Policy - Data protection rights
  • Policy - Subject access requests
  • Guidance on retention periods
  • HR data record
  • Data protection consent form
  • Confidentiality agreement