The Government has confirmed that it intends to change the law to give greater protection these workers.

As yet, no timetable has been set for the majority of these reforms to the rights if agency workers, zero-hours workers and other atypical working arrangements, The plan also involves reforming general enforcement rights. The reforms include:

  • repealing the Regulations that exclude agency workers from the right to the same pay as directly-recruited workers if they have a contract of employment with the agency;
  • introducing new powers to impose penalties on employers who breach employment agency legislation;
  • increasing from one week to four weeks the period required to break continuity of employment for the purpose of accruing employment rights;
  • giving all workers from the first day of an engagement the right to a written statement of rights, covering entitlements such as sickness and paid leave;
  • quadrupling to £20,000, the maximum employment tribunal fine for employers who have shown malice, spite or gross oversight in breaching employment rights;
  • introducing legislation to enforce holiday pay for vulnerable workers.; and
  • legislating to clarify the tests for employment status tests.

The Good Work Plan.
Agency reform.